Terms & conditions

By ordering one of our services here at Vital House Cleaning either through our website`s booking form, by e-mail, or phone, you automatically agree to our company’s terms and conditions listed below:

We pay special attention to cleaning steel appliances like stove and fridge by using extra soft cloth rags so they will not scratch the surfaces. we will do very light dishwashing bay hand if you do not have a dishwasher. by light dishwashing we mean the pile of dishes stacked in the sink can NOT be higher than sink brim. we will charge extra if it exceeds that limit.

In the bathrooms, we thoroughly scrub the bath tub and shower box paying special attention to cleaning the grout as much as we can. we usually remove all, sometimes most of thee mold buildup, so it will look clean and fresh. Again, special attention paid to cleaning inside, outside and around the toilet. Special care provided to the mirrors leaving them spotless.

Windows. we clean the inside of the windows and the outside of them as far as we can reach FROM THE INSIDE. we also thoroughly dust the blinds and the windowsill.

Special requests. we may a accommodate special requests but they will be CHARGED EXTRA upon separate negotiation, that means they are NOT included in the regular price.

Touch up work AFTER the cleaning in the unlikely case we overlook any part of it. We will honor any requests for such IF we are contacted until 6pm of the following day the cleaning took place. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Secure your pets and pick up after them before we arrive. Please provide us with access to your facility. Please shut off your alarm system. Secure your valuables, collectibles and etc. If children are present, do not leave them unattended due to the dangers of cleaning supplies and equipment.

If you use our online booking system, you may through PayPal. If you choose the option to pay by cash , payment is due at the time of service. No cleaning work will be undertaken unless the client settles all outstanding balances.

If for any reason you aren't happy with our professional cleaning services, contact your local Vita House Cleaning. We will come back and clean the specific areas that didn't meet your expectation. Simply notify us within 12-hours of your initial house cleaning. A professional cleaning isn't complete without your satisfaction. we have worked to understand the needs of homeowners. That means our housekeepers create and execute customized plans specific to your maid service needs.

We appreciate if you will provide our cleaning team with a clutter-free environment. If that environment does not exist, we may not be able to fully complete your clean.

A team of professional housecleaners, trained and employed by Vital House Cleaning, will clean your home. All of our employees are uniformed, fully insured, and bonded. They will not eat, drink, smoke, or operate any appliances while inside your home.
When determining your home cleaning cost we recognize that every home is as unique as the homeowner. We base your exact price on many factors including pets, clutter, floor types, as well as, the number of people who live there. Call 415-424-5907 or 415-657-6086 for a free phone estimate and schedule an appointment to meet with the local owner or manager for more details about our service and an exact price to clean your home.
If you have pets, we ask that you prevent them from entering the areas that we clean. For sanitary and safety reasons, our teams of residential cleaning professionals are not permitted to clean flea infested homes or pick up animal excrement.
We provide all cleaning equipment and products. If you have a special cleaning product that you would like for us to use, please be sure to discuss this with the local office owner or manager in advance, so that they can properly instruct their team.